As an artisan craft house and a center for product development. JL Designs offers a wide range of comprehensive services and consultancy to a broad customer base. CONTINUE Whether you are an individual, a small business, a large company, or involved in the education sector, these flexible services can be tailored to meet your needs. All work is conducted to a high standard, backed by many years experience, with each client being as equally important regardless of the scale of the project. SCROLL DOWN Primary Services CONTINUE PREMIUM COMMISSIONS JL Designs has many years experience in proudly delivering a wide range of services to companies worldwide. From high end showpiece hardware where public engagement is key, through to getting new ideas off the ground and everything in-between.

• Showpiece Hardware & Display Items
• Prototyping, Props, Design, & 3D Modelling
• Product Development, Analysis, & Revisions
• Electromechanical Engineering & Repairs
• Manufacturing & Consultancy
• 3D Printing & Engraving
• Trophies & Awards
• Executive Gifts
• Premium Business Cards & Personalised Stationary
• Signage & Architectural Items
• Web Design, SEO, & Engagement Optimisation

These are just a few the services JL Designs can offer you and your company. Please continue to the Product Development section to find out more or get in touch to make an enquiry.
Whether you are looking for something that speaks with your individual style and identity, want to get the most out of your favourite belongings, or have something cherished that requires some TLC, JL Designs has the services you're looking for.

• Household & Personal Electronics
• IT equipment & Gaming Hardware
• Home & Professional Audio Hardware
• Automotive Components & OEM+ conversions
• Foot Ware & Fashion Accessories
• Wedding Accessories
• Gifts for Special Occasions
• Disability Aids & Medical Items
• Movie Props & Memorabilia
• Robots & Robotic Components
• Antiques & Collectables

These are just some of the items JL Designs works with. From new creations to restoration services almost anything can be catered for. Please continue to find out more or get in touch to make an enquiry.
Product Development CONTINUE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DESIGN & 3D MODELING Working with you to create 2D and 3D assets that meet your requirements. These can be created in the following formats: .OBJ .IPT .IGES .SVG .AI .STEP .STL, please enquire if you require another format. These can be 3D printed in industrial ABS plastic to specified degrees of accuracy or in a range of other plastics as required, and provide a great way to visualise a part during the development process. Handmade models and mock-ups can also be catered for, working to your requirements. CONCEPT MODELS & FIRST STAGE PROTOTYPES PROTOTYPES & WORKING CONCEPTS These can be manufactured from an alternative material where cost is a concern, or from the intended material of the final part. At this stage electronics and mechanical aspects can also be catered for, delivering a near production level, and/or fully functioning prototype for you to interact with, test, and use to gather performance data. Performance testing can also be conducted in house and provided at request. FIRST RUN & PRODUCTION Whether we are progressing forward from a previous development stage, or you already have your own files ready to be turned into manufactured parts. Anything from one offs, and short runs, upto high volume production can be catered for. PRODUCT REVISION & TESTING Do you already have a product that you are looking to improve? Is there an issue with an existing product line that you’d like to resolve? Are you looking to fully test your product and ensure that it is ready for market? We can work together to meet your needs and drive your product forward. PROBLEM SOLVING & PROCESS OPTIMISATION Are you looking for some friendly advice and a professional eye to look over your project? Would you like to identify areas of improvement, such as product performance and production efficiency? Do you know the improvements you need to make but require some custom tooling or production aids? Or is there another aspect that requires some “outside of the box” thinking to resolve? We can work together to move your project past obstacles and facilitate the progress you desire. Other Services CONTINUE OTHER SERVICES HIGH END AUDIO UPGRADES & SERVICING Upgrades and servicing for everything audio, from in ear monitors, to high end amps, stage and professional production equipment. Musical instrument upgrades, and servicing is also available. Grab yourself a set of handmade JL Designs custom interconnects to get the most out of your setup! Supplying, repairing, and restoring props for: Private collectors, Game Developers, Film Studios, Stage Production, Music Videos, YouTubers, Movie Prop Retailers, Auctioneers, Insurance Companies, Museums, and Professional Cosplayers. JL Designs also supplies components for prop making and special effects to a broad customer base. PROPS, ANIMATRONICS, RESTORATION & REPAIRS STEM SUPPLIES & ROBOTICS COMPONENTS Electronics kits and components tailored to the customers requirements, serving the education sector and private individuals alike. Services include tailored kits to meet teaching objectives, 3D printing of student designs and provision of 3D printed parts, robotics and drone components for class projects through to competitive combat robotics such as Robot Wars and Drone Racing. Repairs and servicing of pre-existing STEM supplies and components also available. PCs & LAPTOPs / DATA RECOVERY & REPAIRS Unique system builds, performance systems, modifications, upgrades, water-cooling, over-clocking, lighting, servicing, cleaning, software installation, circuit board level component repairs, recovery of lost data, data transfer, secure file deletion and drive wiping for a broad customer base. JL Designs can also repair faulty or damaged Hard Disk Drives, USB Memory Sticks, and other data storage device hardware at the component level. CUSTOM CAMERA HARDWARE & RIGS Whether you are a hobbyist videographer looking to improve the quality of your recorded videos, a YouTuber, a film student, or a professional cinematographer. JL Designs can provide anything from a range of carefully in-house designed camera stabilisation hardware through to fully custom camera rigs built specifically to your individual needs. YOUTUBER & STREAMER CONSULTANCY Have some great ideas for a new YouTube channel, but need to know what to do next? or are you already an established YouTuber / twitch streamer and are looking to improve the quality of your content for your viewers? I offer a range of services and products that can help you on your way to success. Props, special fx, custom hardware, and camera stabilisation equipment services are also avaliable.